Outer Knitting Yarns


Our industrial yarns are generally worsted long-fibre yarns, some of which also are made by cotton system. We have various compositions of natural and synthetic materials for use in a wide variety of items.

Counts can be adapted to very fine gauges such as 18 or 16, as well as to fine and medium gauges such as 12, 10, 8 and 7, with the thickest being 5 and 3.

These yarns enable the design of the full range of items, whether basic, whole garments, structured, with jacquard, etc. with either flat knitting, cotton or circular machines.

The collections are made up of colourful items aligned with fashion trends and timeless for basic shades in solid, blend, marl and vigoureux versions.

Amongst our clients are top domestic and international brands.



We specialise in 100% wool yarns of very diverse origins and qualities such as those from Australia, New Zealand, South America, Spain, etc. We also use various natural-coloured British and Merino wools and colours from breeds such as Black Welsh, Blue Faced Leicester, Jacobs, etc.

Wool is increasingly valued for its temperature regulating qualities, comfort and softness. We spin it with a variety of micron ratings, and we can also apply treatments and finishes for added functionality. Merino wools, extra-fine for ultra-fine garments that come in contact with skin, and some coarse yarns for heavier garments such as Aran, as well as versions for technical use.

All of them are very popular in the UK, Ireland, Germany and in Scandinavian countries.



  • Hecosett or Basolan unshrinkable varieties
  • Superwash
  • Moth-proof
  • Water-resistance


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