Baby Collection Yarns


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Textile garments for babies characterised by soft fibres, pleasing tactile fabrics and special colourful touches.

Our new collection is adapted to this segment and offers properties that favour skin contact. DRALON is one of the most suitable fibres for making baby clothes and is used in a variety of yarns.

Each material has a specific colour scheme for the baby line.



Our baby-line yarns use dralon® fibre as a base. This component offers special features:

  • Particularly soft and pleasant to the touch, provides heat.
  • Bright and durable colours.
  • Adds volume to the fabric, making it lighter.
  • Makes fabrics more stable and shrink-resistant when washed.
  • Easy-to-wash and quick-drying.
  • Dralon is tolerated well by sensitive baby skin and does not cause skin irritations or allergies.



  • Disney | Nm 2/22-2/28-2/42 | 100% (PC) Acrylic.
  • Dralón Perlé | Nm  2/28 | 100%(PC) Bright acrylic.
  • Cordoné | Nm 2/28 | 100 %(PC) Dull acrylic.
  • Simba | Nm 2/28 | 50 %( PC) Acrylic.

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